Friday .... the Louvre

Napoleon's table.

Hours where lost in the epic gallery. Marvelling at the adventures of mankind, the lessons we have learnt and the lessons we are repeating.

Taking an interest in the food related exhibits, the story of how food is as a conveyer of culture. How do we look at food now?
A hasty meal of seared beef with white beans, the Savoy cabbage that never ended, carrots, parsley and rice.
Bella made potted organic yoghurt, pears & cinnamon for finishes.

On a Personnel note: I noticed that when you are in a different cultural environment for a while, you start to try to assimilate. If you are here for a short time you tend to stay as you are, but as time displaces you, you start to feel more like you don’t fit.
I’m starting to wear less make up, trying to be more elegant, wishing my hair was less unethically bleached and a lot more stylishly cut. Meals are more sit down & set the table affairs, with courses. We are always changing if we let ourselves.


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