Markets .. & Mother Daughter rabbit stew ... !!

Sunday It’s - 4 with heavy snow, perfect for going to a street market. A fantastic food shoppers market the Bastille Market. Every type of meat, veg, crustacean, all hovered over by experienced shoppers. A horse butcher, walls of giant scallops, tangled legs of crabs, large pans of steaming paella, grandiose steel pans of sauerkraut laden with smoked pork and sausage … foody heaven…. Along with the camaraderie of stall holders posing for photos. Although I think someone was saying something about tourists I was possibly glad I didn’t understand.
Lots of looking ... till frozen through, then we found a washed out flea market and went home.
Mother daughter rabbit stew, for dinner, which translates to my mother telling me what she usually does & I add lib with what’s is in the over stuffed bar fridge. Sweating shallots, carrots, turnips, old European turnips (yellow in colour), celery, thyme, seasoning, adding liquid, adding the rabbit minus the saddle. Simmering for minutes till tender. Adding left over rice to thicken it a tad, finishing with celery tops as I didn’t have parsley, which mum preferred. Oh I poached the rabbit liver & kidneys in the broth at the end & saved on top. While I was Stewing I cooked some white beans for something the next day.
Yes its Christmas, I am a few days behind... but catching up soon. I am writing this after sucking the richness out if the pigeon bones from our Christmas eve dinner ... will get to that very soon..
Merry Christmas to all & may you have a year of sustaining food that keeps you, nourishes your soul & your body.


  1. (ITA) Buon Natale!
    (EST) Rõõmsaid Jõulupühi!

    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to You and to Your Visitors! I arrived here just surfing. I hope Your Today will be all the time better than Yesterday and worse than Tomorrow!

    An Estonian living in Italy


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