Food Coach

I prescribe farmers market watermelon for the heat wave.
Add mint for alkalising freshness.
And it is

For as long as I can remember being a health fanatic Chef, I have been asked,
     "What should I eat?" 

Recently I decided that just by telling people how to add a few things to their diet and suggesting healthy alternatives to substitute ingredients was not enough. To really answer the question "What should I eat" I have become...  A Food Coach.

From a heathy chef perspective I help people change and or improve the way they eat, for the same price as a personal fitness trainer. It is a logical step.

Habits take 66 days to form, lifestyles are made up habits.

Food is our medicine, everything we eat should be good for us. Ask what is your food doing for you?
Healthy food, I think, should be contemporarily equivalent, that is it should look great and taste fantastic, as well as be readily available.

Our metabolism is stimulated visually, our sense of place is satisfied by seasonal food our emotional sense of belonging and worth are cultivated by the food philosophy we subscribe to.

Who do you want to be? Choose the food that enables you.

Hey,  if a French cheese devouring, pork converting, red wine aficionados body can become a temple, so can yours.


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