Next Sunday I am cooking at the Adelaide Show Grounds farmers Market... at 10am.
Not too early for you healthy party animals.
I have a yen for radicchio & fennel, but don't I always.
But the cauliflower'look so good & the Capper man is there, so I may do a marinated cauliflower with cappers, tones of parsley , salsa verde esque. Great for winter antipasto.
Matthew will have quail eggs, so cute and they will add a richness & a creamy  texture to my cauliflower.
Also thinking a braised Turnip dish would excite those not usually excited by such tart radish like vegetables. A glazed turnip goes brilliantly with an old nearly kerosene sweet wine. Food should put into wine what is missing in the palate. Balancing it. Not repeating palate profiles. That is my theory anyway. 
May be an orange glazed turnip? Citrus is in.
I am sure I will think of something on the day. Talking to all the growers, finding out what is at its peak. 
Its also about the story of the land & how the food has traveled to the table. 
How much the water cost, how the farmers where up at 3am, how the season has affected the crop. 
Food is a human story.
See you sunday 
I may even post a recipe!


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