One chicken - many meals

Cooking with what is in season 

My family and my Super Girl friends have asked me for this recipe so many times... 
here it is. Keep it simple or make it as exotic as your pantry allows.

The principle is to take one good local chook and what's lying around in your fridge to make a broth, while you poach the bird.
Day 1 - Have the broth and meat one night. 
Day 2 - Add some fresh saute greens to the bowl and pour the broth over the top.
Day 3 - Add some black lentils & herbs to the tasty reduction.

This idea is so versatile:
You can remove the bird when it is cooked and serve it with pulses & vegetables 
or add the meat back to the pot for chicken soup.

Or make a Poached chicken salad, shred the poached meat, toss with chopped picked walnuts, endive, olive oil, lemon and seasoning.

The next day try adding some lentils or rice to the broth and some fresh saute greens.


Basic ingredient  IMAGINATION.
Take one Organic chicken.
Put in large narrow pot.
cover with 5 inches of drinkable water
Bring to boil .
Take off scum and fat.
Bring to  a slow simmer.
Big pinch of macrobiotic salt . 
Grind of  white pepper.
Add a couple of chopped carrots.
A sick of chopped celery.
Three chopped parsnips.
A couple of chopped Pears.
A couple of chopped turnips..
A big sprig of  fresh thyme.
A piece of lemon zest.
Some green onions.
Check seasoning.
Bring all to the boil then turn to slow simmer , for half an hour. Then turn off.
Check seasoning again!
leave to sit for half an hour . 
Take chicken out. 
Take meat off bone.
Add meat back to soup or use in a salad or main dish.
Bring broth to temperature.
Add a bunch of copped parley.
Check seasoning.
Place in bowls .

A shave of parmesan on top and some good oil ... wont hurt a bit...

With love.. X 


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