Mushrooms on Toast w Brown Sage butter

Mushrooms Herbed and Seasoned - Oven Ready 

Roast Mushroom on Toasted Organic Sour Dough with Brown Sage Butter.

Designed to be easy to cook for your mother this Sunday. A super simple meal, great for brunch or Sunday dinner, goes super well with a glass of Pinot and an open fire.


1 very large Swiss Brown Mushroom per person or 2 medium size 
1 cup of local Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1 bunch of Thyme 
Macrobiotic Sea Salt 
Fresh ground white pepper 

1 loaf of organic sourdough 
Salt and pepper 

1 block of organic Paris Creek unsalted Butter 
1 buch of Sage
Salt & pepper  



Turn oven onto 250 *
Wipe Mushrooms 
Cut Stalks in a cross hatch to help them cook faster 
Lay mushrooms on a flat baking tray 
Strip thyme leaves into olive oil & bruise together
Drizzle herb oil on to mushroom stalk 
Season w Salt & Pepper 

Bake till tender & starting to bleed juice 


While mushrooms are cooking :
Slice bread into 1 and a 1/2 cm thick slices
Rub with thyme and oil or butter 
Lay in a pan and cook till toasty OR grill 


In heavy base pot add a 250 g of unsalted butter 
Add 1 small bunch of sage 
Add a Pinch of salt and a grind of pepper 

Cook till butter is golden in colour and sage leaves are crispy


Lay toast on plate balance mushroom on top and drizzle mushroom juices
Pour sage butter over the top and scatter crispy sage leaves.
Grind of pepper ...  pour a glass of red. 

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