Organic Spelt Lavosh - 3 flavours

After a drive with best friends to the Barossa to see Ilona Glastonberry's group show of landscapes, in a place that is  a landscape painting - rolling past the window - sunset falling on undulating autumn vines - the rural time line.

Tracey had donated some artisan Balleycroft cheese to the show, a washed rind Annulet  and a to die for ripping panna cotta of a fresh cheese, the fresh Fust . A cheese that is really misunderstood..... it is fresh , slightly salty, cleanly creamy - Not a Fetta - Not a Curd - it stands alone ....
A talk with Tracey Skepper - so honest  , from the heart , the truth behind being a real small cheese maker.

That was Saturday - Sunday at the Adelaide Show Grounds Farmers Market - we Anne Duncan & I released very quietly the two new flavours of our Organic Spelt Lavosh .

Now there is  Poppy Seed -  Organic Oat Bran -  Black Pepper .

Integral texture, substance of whole meal spelt creates that nutty base & grainy bite to carry the fruity heat of pepper &  the added body of oat bran that holds a cheese of worth....

A cracker bread made of real food -  good for you - looks gorgeous on the plate.

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