Ethical Food : What is it ?

Black Pig
 Little black pig grew up out side on a local farm
Killed by a local butcher 
Cooked in a local wood fired oven for 4 hours
 Eaten with 6 bottles of Grange from 19 59 onward.
lived well — died well


How do you eat ethically? Why eat ethically for that matter?
How do you make the right choices? How do you know what food to buy, where to buy it, let alone what to do with it?
How do you feed your busy working self, your family, ethical food you can afford & justify in the grand scheme of things? What is important to you; another question may be what do you want to be important to you? Ethics really boil down to how to decide between right & wrong, which choice is the right choice? The current marketplace has made it very difficult to differentiate between good choices and bad ones. To put it simply: the right choice is food that is really good for you. That choice is yours!

We have seen the film : food Inc & if you have not I recommend it and read the books by Michael Pollan that describe how our food has changed. Food has been contaminated by economics, mass production, shifts in cultural values and politics. Many of us, want to make the right choices, we want to be healthy conscious consumers and make the right decisions. Start asking questions?
Where does your food come from? What is in it? How was it produced?
Is it good for me? 
Health & environment are connected.


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