Laduree lunch in the chocolate box

We noticed that there was less of a line up at Leduree than normal . The home of the macaroon and inspiration behind the sweet side of the movie Marie Antoinette. A food history lesson, a large part of what ethical food is all about.

So we queued. Asked if we were inline for the shop or lunch? The cold decided it was Lunch !
Eventually escorted inside by our 2 door people who looked like they had been cast for twilight , we found ourselves cosily ensconced in oak carved paneling & velvet.

From a book of menus options we chose a 3 course meal. Entrees a celery & white truffle souffle  ( they where in season). Bell had a goats cheese fondant filled croissant with chive & parsley salad. Mains,  duck breast with candied carrots and some type of pudding?  A giant
voul-au-vent over flowing with morels & cream dusted with shaved truffle.
Followed by the most extravagant Macaroon  i could find!  Filled with brulee cream and apple finished with salt flower toffee. Bell had a raspberry log that screamed christmas!
I think it was the riches creamiest whipped hot chocolate that finished her off for the day.

After our unexpected indulgent lunch we wandered the streets. Lacy christmas lights where still up , chill in the air, Palaces to see.


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