Duck - red cabbage - NEW YEAR in Paris

            I am determined to finish my Paris food adventure, even though I am now nestled in Winnipeg, Canada, writing my book. It is going to be the, how to be an ethical food eater’s manual. Temperatures of – 18 are more than conducive to organic coffee consuming and writing; besides there is always the Olympics for a diversion.
            So back to Paris, where it was New Years Eve and I made a dinner of duck breast from my favoured butcher, some braised red cabbage w cumin seed, pear, red rice and French beans. There was Champagne for starters.
            The Organic red cabbage provided such economic nutrition, it was a standout option in the most expensive city in the world. Where if I dwelled on it, as I tried not to, I was paying from $6 AUS up to $26 AUS at the Ritz mind you, for a cup of Coffee.
            Red Cabbage full of antioxidants, calciferous, vinegar loving, savoury, begging for the sweetness of the seared pear and the intrinsic depth of toasted cumin. All Just lying there saying, “take me” to rare duck breast. All seasoned, scored and rubbed with orange zest. mmmmm food can be so sexy.
            Skinny French beans that I never top and tail, life’s to short; besides I like the texture and the aesthetic. Keeping things in their natural form tell us what they are and where they come from. The soil, the farmer, someone picked them. A subliminal message to be sure, but think about it, what does eating food from a tube say about where it came from. !!!!! It comes from engineers.
            Red rice added more fibre and carbs to keep us warm as we strolled down to the Louvre to watch the Eiffel Tower twinkle at the turn of the New Year. At 12 bottles popped, kisses smacked cheeks and little parties sprang up all over the square.
The free metro ride home with swaying French girls, yelling something into a phone, swigging on champers bottles, smeared red lip stick, gorgeous Betty Blue on a good day, examples of Parisienne feminie bubble inspired exuberance.


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