Pot Roast Pigeon

Look at that lovely dry skin just begging to be browned !!!!
Christmas Eve
Mama has contracted a virus ... it has taken hold of Bella. So two down and I’m hanging in there with only slightly swollen glands.

We stayed close to home, visiting the Carnvalet Museum just round the corner. Nice veggie garden.

Pigeon will fix it all I am sure? So cutely trussed by my favorite butchers. Pot-roast Pigeon due to lack of oven. Searing all sides in a smig of duck fat and seasoning of course , placing them on a bed of seared carrots, turnips, shallots, thyme, bay, and a splash of red wine. All beefed up with poached Flageolet beans, so French! Poached / steamed birds for 1/2 an hour, rested for 1/2 an hour while the sauce reduced.
They taste like liver they are so dense with flavor. That is a good thing .....
Served with romanesco tossed in a little oil and herbs as a tasty green.


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