Rabbit and leftovers

Walking & the streets of Paris looking at hand bags that are investments, as you need to take out a mortgage to buy one... !!!
Dinner saddle of rabbit on a mirepoix (a dice) of turnip, celery, carrot, old-world turnip, pears, thyme & Portobello mushroom … & A salad of whitlof , orange & celery top ......
Meat cooked on the bone is the sweetest; the saddle was no exception, so moist, subtlety rich, tender. Seasoned & seared in the pan then rested, so simple!
If you are true to the seasons, cooking what’s there, using left overs to add complexity to hasty throw together meals, your daily menus may appear a little monotone. With a little skill, austere menu options provide guidelines, you become more inventive with flavors, like putting mushrooms with pears, with thyme & turnips … for example. Having time & a well-equipped kitchen helps, but is not entirely necessary.
All the cooking I have done so far has taken 2 small pots, 1 medium pot & teflon pan. On 2 electric elements. Not touching the convection microwave … no matter how much it waves. All the meals I have cooked have taken little less than, or up to ¾ s of an hour, from scratch. As a matter of interest.


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