Home Economics

Home Economics

Last Tuesday: I spoke at the Independent Home Economics Teachers Conference at Annesley College.
These teachers are giving imperative life skills to our children, skills that secure our children with a healthy adaptability to the world as a whole. Knowing how to cook is a life skill.

What is the good of being a brain surgeon if you are going to kick the bucket at 45 with a heart attack,  because you don't know how to feed your self, cant use a stove and don't know how to shop?
I personally teach people how to shop all the time, there are many adults today who don't have these basic life skills.

Home Economics is the least funded department in schools today, it is being and I quote "ripped out of schools'. Kitchens are adaptable spaces, where communication is a vital ingredient. Surely school kitchens can be utilised to teach this generation how to not depend on processed food.

In this crucial time were parents are less than food savvy and obesity is on  the rise; it does not make sense!

So support your local school Home Ec class, with product or just some time.
Go find out what they need.  


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