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what will the future taste like ?

What do you think the future will last like?
The flavour of our food shows us our environment .....

My  TED X Adelaide talk
Published on 28 Mar 2016 Our food is evolving and flavour is being diluted and redefined. We need to educate our taste buds or we will end up with a homogenous, flavourless future — and we won’t even know it! 

Ted X Adelaide Talk 2015       UTube link at the bottom 
What do you think chicken taste like?
I have a question for you. What do you think chicken tastes like? Hold that thought because I am going to ask you to taste something with me.
The taste  Close your eyes and imagine a chook run out the back and a group of heritage breed domestic chickens. You are going to kill one of these birds today. You pick up a bird, say goodbye and cut off its head. Blood gushes and the body convulses. You get the boiling water and pluck the feathers and burn of the stubble. You gut the bird and see its graphic internal life. The smells released in the process are warm and earthy …

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