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buckwheat and coconut pancakes 

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Definition. DIET : What we eat

The diet world... everyone is on some type of eating plan at the moment.  It is easy to see that this is not a trend; it will grow as more people discover what food does, lifestyle choices and intolerances. In some cases,  certain foods irritate other conditions. People simply don't want to eat food that will make them sick.

Being a food person, designing dishes and cocktails for a living, I have to taste everything. And I do. But I am quite selective when it comes to my diet . The hospitality industry, if it is going to live up to its name, will have to adapt and offer more alternatives while maintaining taste and texture standards.

Diners who cannot eat gluten do not want to be served a revived processed product. They are dining out and they expect to pay for a restaurant quality dish. As a customer, in my humble opinion, I believe that if you cannot eat gluten for example, then don't choose a dish that has to have a gluten substitute. e.g. do not order pasta, unless there is no other choice. Menus should be balanced enough that you can order two entrees for example.

As a business it is in your interest to offer a balanced menu that takes all diets into account.  You don't want to loose a table of 6 because the person booking the table is gluten or dairy intolerant, especially if you are small business!

As Brillat-Savarin would say, let's understand 'Hospitality' to mean; 'if you sit at my table I am responsible for your happiness'.  Look after your customers. If they cannot eat something, offer an alternative! It is way easier to plan for this than to whip up a dish. Also these selective customers are loyal as hell and they will appreciate every effort you make. And once you build a name for being gracious as far as special diets go you will attract more customers.

"The pleasure of the table belongs to all ages, to all conditions, to all countries, and to all areas; it mingles with all other pleasures, and remains at last to console us for their departure."[5] Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Truly disturbed by gluten free products on the market, with all their additives, I have developed these buckwheat pancakes. Great for an entree with avocado and cured salmon. Or maybe goats curd and baked plum with black pepper.

Ask me for this organic recipe.

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