What is cooking?

... you will find me in the kitchen.

What is cooking...?
If you put a question to the universe you will get an answer. Cooking is about carefully selecting what is edible around you and creating a meal with the skills that you have ...  You cook to share and consume a moment of time and energy encapsulated in your ingredients. When you cook you use your skills to construct a digestible meal. The meal is a reflection of where it and we come from and it is a reflection of what we think and what we know. We build our identity and our very cells on what we consume both physically and mentally. If we are star dust... created from the cosmos,  then we are eating that which is the very same. We are integral to the big picture and we cook and nourish ourselves and others to create communities where we can share ideas so we can survive. Cooking is an art, a craft, a creative act that nurtures and sustains us as global citizens.

Without cooking the world, I think, would be a grim dark place with a lack of generosity. People would be disparate and isolated. Is this happening as we float from the kitchen to the world of convenience food, where no preparation or sharing of ideas takes place? Where there is no sense of being involved in the creation of the meal and the meal contains no sense of place or season.... where we are not the recipient of a kind giving act ...where we are alone and not connected. When we are left with no place to call ours we are at the mercy of space. Cooking provides that thin veil of atmosphere that sustains us and protects us from the harshness of infinity.

MAD 4 asks What is Cooking?

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