Food Consultant

Introducing your Food Consultant at 2 b ethical food

I have spent the last 2 years and eight months building the not-for-profit Adelaide Farmers' Market organisation ... the  brand, the network and the membership base. It has been quite an experience! I have used all my skills as a chef, food communicator and business operator to enthuse more people to buy food from the farmer. Thanks to a brilliant Management Team, volunteers and members the organisation is going to continue to support SA farmers and build communities. 

I am keen to use my experience to help more food businesses prosper and build more markets to benefit the community.

Consultancy Services

Market strategies and logistics 
Community food event strategies 

Food Businesses 
Product and recipe development  
Business planning and growth strategies 
Strategic menu formulas and management systems
Marketing and social media strategies 
Brand building 

You can see my last article in Aspire Magazine here :  Is that local? 


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