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Growing up in the Barossa, cooking at 9 years old, Amanda was destined to become a career driven Chef. Working her way to Le Cordon Bleu she had an eclectic life in London. She worked with the original Italian Chef, Carla Tomasi and in the land of the Kennedys on Martha’s Vineyard. A few years in Sydney with the Restaurant family and Ian Hewitson, she lived the Chef life: no sleep, intense food and the extremes that come as a side order. A passion for food culture she ate her way around France and Italy, and hosted Californian Restaurants full of millionaires.  She studied restaurant formula across the States and went on the back of a motorbike to the Mexican border; a scary kitchen story is never far away. The pinnacle of her career was a nettle pizza for lunch with Alice Waters in her café above Chez Panisse. Amanda has a food story for all occasions with pinches of food celebrity and splashes of the iconic.

A restaurateur, she opened one of the fist regional restaurants in South Australia and focused on who grew what and why. An eye for business and thing for food markets she lived in Paris for a month and studied Bistro culture and street markets. All her experiences stand her in good stead as the Chief Executive officer of The Adelaide Farmers’ Market. A unique understanding of ethical sustainable food production and how it has to transition to our plates enables her to direct the largest farmers’ market in the state.

A chef turned ethical and healthy she now concentrates on what food does for our surroundings, our community and us. She says nothing is random and we all have power over what we eat and ethical choices are a frame of mind not an absolute. Our community is what we eat.

Amanda loves to talk about:

Farmers’ markets and community
Ethical Food?
Food and empowerment
Restaurant formula – you should never order the wrong thing
Social dining and table manners 
Food education – home ec for today
Conscious consumerism
Social media for good

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