Food Heritage

April is "One Continuous Picnic"

Michael Symons book tells the tale of Australian food culture. Written in 1982, the book explains why we identify with the meat pies and Vegemite, but are more likely to have family dinner tables set with stir fry and spaghetti bolognese.
This month the Adelaide Farmers' Market celebrates the diversity of South Australian produce and the spicy variety of international cultures. The market provides us with a snap shot of how South Australian food heritage has evolved for the better. Michael Symons is all for farmers' markets, they are a step in the right direction, away from over-processed, chemically dependent food.
It is a good read if you love your local food, and want to know more. Read the Sydney Morning Herald book review.

Old recipes are a history lessons - this is from the 3rd edition of the Barossa Cook Book 

people had a meaningful relationship with animals


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