Healthy Food

Kale, avocado, coriander, tomato

What is healthy?

I have a few definitions... of perceptions

There is processed healthy: packaged and long life food with ticks and RDIs, no added sugar or fat (even on goods that do not naturally contain sugar or fat)...

There is conventional healthy: off the shelf fresh, packaged fresh and packaged food, with loads of food miles, long cold storage, maybe imported, maybe not in season and contains food additives. This is closely related to supermarket healthy.

Then there is real healthy: In season, locally grown, predominantly fresh, minimally packaged, made by a local with real ingredients, e.g. food! You kinda need some cooking skill to be able to eat this!

My version of healthy is nutritionally dense food .... see this kale, avocado, coriander salad with chunks of sun ripe, thick skinned tomatoes, all from the farmers' market an hour prior.

I find many people say they are healthy as they buy fresh food and choose wholemeal. Yes, they are doing better than most, but education is still required to entice taste buds to get past packaging and eat fresh food in season. And we all need to know where our food comes from. And how was it grown!

Before buying any food from anywhere, ask?

Where did it come from?
What is in it?
Is it season?
What will it do to my body?
Do I really need it — should I buy something fresh instead?


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