Sustainability Month at the Farmers' Market

Food is about the  big picture ...

November is Sustainability Month.
Spring readies us for the hot summer bringing the new seasonal Mediterranean fair that SA does so well. Right now it is fresh cheese season, it is at its creamy best.  Buy your peas, broad beans and young garlic now. Riverland cherries, strawberries and apricots are in. The point of seasonality is that you enjoy it while it is peaking  and long for it the rest of the year.
This market is all about sustainable practice as we celebrate seasonality and enable purchases direct form the producer supporting  the local economy. The market invests in the future by inviting kids to playing with real food in the Kids' Club and the Edible Garden. In the Farmers' Kitchen we offer free demonstrations where passionate people show you how to cook and eat whole local  produce. Sustainable lifestyle habits and values start at home … and we aim to make sustainable shopping, eating and lifestyle choices easy.
The weather is warming up and it's a good time to ride your bike to the Market; the bike path comes right to our door. Remember to bring your shopping bags, cooler bags and you own plastic bags. Say hello to OZ Harvest Sunday the 4th as they have the first Community site donated by the ASFM to inform and educate the community about food use and waste. 
Have a happy spring and thank you for being a member and supporting SA producers.

The future ... The Kids' Club at Adelaide Farmers' Market Showground 


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