broad beans in Spring

Spring time for  broad beans as seen in the Adelaide Magazine (Amanda food styled)

"Go Green"

 The Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market turns 6 on October the 7th. For 6 years we have offered a sustainable alternative market place to shop for food and provided opportunities for SA farmers and producers to sell direct to the community. In my book, this makes us an institution.

This month we are  highlighting our positive environmental impact on the South Australian community and calling October "Go Green" month. We are thinking about food and the environment, the "Green" options that exist at the Market, the number of organic products, the grass fed meat,  the fact that you can ask producers how they produce their product. Going  Green is a lifestyle choice,  we make decisions every day about what we eat, who we buy from, what is good for us? 

To me, a real foodie October is an exotic green month as spring season kicks into gear with, asparagus, artichokes, broad beans and baby leeks to name but a few ingredients. Ask your farmers' market producers what they have coming in this spring... I am sure they have a recipe tip too. 

A big thank you to ASFM members for supporting the market as we all look forward to another year of sustainable SA food.


Recipe by Amanda Daniel as seen in The Adelaide Magazine


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