Cooking Skills and the CWA

  The CWA in action at the Royal Adelaide Show
 The Adelaide Showground

July we celebrate Granny Skills at the Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market. I personally find it astounding that the idea of cooking has become a recreational sport rather than an everyday occurrence. If you cast your mind back - if you are old enough - you often came home from school to rock buns on the table and a stew on the stove. You visited aunties who made traditional fermented honey biscuits. You grew up with cooking; it was a life skill. 
It doesn't seem to be the same anymore; you come home to pre-prepared, cryovac'd or frozen meal or even takeaway. Fewer people are learning to cook and shop as they grow up?

We want to preserve Granny's skills. They are becoming a rarity, but it's imperative they are passed on. Who can make a good scone? It's rarely a professional chef, but a really good home cook who learned a trick or two from grandma. 
Let's get inspired by our past, our traditions, our Grannies and remember what true food, made with love and hospitality, is worth.
Happy cooking, 


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