Farmers Markets are Cool

Cooking High 101

"Socially driven retail" 

It's Cooking High School month at the Market. To celebrate the first month of winter and the youth of South Australia we're looking at what young people know about food, what they eat and when they leave the family nest. Did their parents cook, do they know how to shop, what do they think is healthy and what value do they place on food?
Cooking is all over the television screen, but how it is translated into our diets? What values do we need to instil into our nearest and dearest to ensure they have healthy minds, bodies and communities? And the most interesting question of all, whose responsibility is it?
I saw a talk by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from the River Cottage in England. He says we need to eat more food with a story; that is what farmers markets are about.
Farmers’ markets are cool, fun and social. They invite you to investigate where your food comes from and ask how it was grown and produced.
Get along to the Farmer and Chef Kitchen for some cool cooking tips for the young at heart, budget conscious and lifestyle orientated.
Happy winter.
Amanda Daniel


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