"Eat a Rainbow"

This month's theme, 'Eat a Rainbow', is inspired by SA Health who say that many Australians don't eat the recommended minimum serve of vegetables each day. Being surrounded by a bounty of veg every week myself, I find that difficult to believe. This month we encourage you to consider the colours in your Market basket.
It is Mothers' Day this month when we celebrate all the little things our mother does for us. Mothers feed us nourishing food from birth, care and guide us though life, and for this we are forever grateful. From conception we are brought up never to question that the food our parents provide is good for us. Until recently we trusted our food supply. Now we know to ask questions: where was our food grown, how was it produced and by whom, and what is in it? As consumers, we can feel empowered to ask our food suppliers questions. The beauty of shopping at a farmer market is that you can ask the grower, farmer or producer these questions. You have the power.
Take advantage of the low carbon footprint, in-season fresh produce, particularly the vegetables, and incorporate as many different colours as possible to obtain tastebud-tingling, natural nourishment. We are drawn to food by colour, like bees to flowers, as it satisfies our appetite for diversity which is what our bodies want.
So, as my Mother would say, “eat a rainbow”… grate carrots, beets and radish into salads, sauté all shades of greens into a stirfry, try it Euro-style with SA olive oil and garlic, and roast large trays of coloured veg to toss in a salad of rocket. Simply add a new veg every shop and give it a go. You'll soon have a new list of favourites.
Send in pictures of your new veg addiction to our Facebook page.
See you at the Market,
Amanda Daniel


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