Taste Autumn at a Farmers Market

Exotic delights are in season
 persimmons, feijoas, fresh pistachios, walnuts, pomegranates

This month the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market celebrates Autumnal produce with ‘One Continuous Picnic’.
One of our aims at the Market is to excite our community to try new flavours and consider vegetables often left off the shopping list. Taste a variety of flavours and textures of the season and give your palate an education. Ask the farmer where and how he grew the food. Every grower has a recipe to share. Tasting raw produce gives you an idea of what you're working with and how you can cook it. Truly great cooking is connected to the seasons and respects the true nature of the produce. Are you on Facebook? Share your favourite fresh taste sensation on our page.
Tasting Australia starts later this month, a must for anyone with passion for food. The eight-day festival focuses the eyes and appetites of global foodies on Australian food and culture. It starts 26 April.
This month’s theme is inspired by the 1982 book by South Australian Michael Symons on “the history of Australian eating”. Michael explores how our original campfire diet and our vital commercial farming legacy turned into the culturally diverse bounty that we see today.
Stallholders will be offering tasting of their products throughout the month. Keep an eye on the website for the latest goodies on offer. 

“We are what we eat.”


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