Farmers Market Local Lunch Box

Your local summer lunch box at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market

For many of us, it’s back to school and off to work again so lets make ourselves a lunch that inspires.  That's a lunch that keeps us thinking healthy and keeps us away from the processed and bar-coded products. If you’re cooking your local seasonal produce at night for dinner, cook a little extra for the next day. In the evening get your kids to join you in the kitchen to help pack their own lunch box.  
Toss in some grapes, figs and fresh ripped basil which are all peaking at the market right now. Add a real muesli bar and a tub of South Australian yoghurt. There is no limit to how big your lunch box can be. At the Market you can source cheese, cured meats and all manner of fruit and veg to grate or slice for variety and texture. Keep it cool by adding a frozen juice or water. Once you get addicted to the vibrant midday meal there will be no turning back!

It’s good for your budget and great for your local economy to purchase your food from the people who grow it. At the end of this month keep your eyes open for first season heritage apples, a lunch box favourite.
In the Farmer and Chef Kitchen this month, David from the Semaphore Kitchen will work the adult lunch box, Hughslie will be playing with leftovers, Honey Lady gives lunch the healing twist and The Hilton crew will make your lunch 5 star.

Simon Bryant is teaching the Kids’ Club (and us) how to make flat bread with olive oil mayonnaise for our farmers’ market-filled lunch wraps. Check the online calendar for cooking demonstration dates and times.
If you think you have made the best Adelaide Showground Farmers Market lunch box, take a picture on your smart phone and post it on our Facebook page. The best lunch will win a prize.

Keep cool and healthy this summer....


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