Summer season at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market

Summer entertaining

What is your New Years resolution? If you have resolved to be fit and healthy in 2012 Year of The Farmer then we can help you. A membership to the Market guarantees you 10% off every purchase for the year, providing you with the ability to buy ethical food from your rural community.  Memberships are now due for renewal.
If you are lucky, you are still on holidays and if not, you can make it feel like you are by sipping SA wine and grazing on platters of local tomato, prosciutto and goats curd.

Summer seasonal fruit and veg are in full swing at the Market, making it so easy to entertain friends. Have casual BBQs, a picnic lunch on the veranda, hampers on the beach at sunset - any excuse will do!

Super fresh, local salad vegetables need little preparation and are great for a healthy waistline and a fit family. The food at this Market is sold by the people who grow it, ensuring it comes from nearby and contains maximum nutritional value. Berries and fruit are an instant dessert with a splash of SA dairy or get experimental and throw them into salads with savoury seasoning and splashes of SA extra virgin oil.  Seasonal local raw product has not been in storage for long periods so it tastes great. Spend more time on the entertaining side of summer and less time in the kitchen.
The Farmer and Chef Kitchen demonstrations will give you a few tips on how to make the most out of the local produce. Get your ethical coffee and settle in to your seat at the Demo Kitchen at the Market at 11am for the free Farmer and Chef cooking show.
Looking forward to sharing a dynamic diet of South Australian food with you this year.

Wishing you a sustainable New Year.


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