Christmas Traditional Food as referenced by the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market

A Sense of Occasion 

What we eat says a lot about us. Our summer seasonal celebrating brings out our most profound foodie commentary. December is the season where we draw on our sense of tradition, whether it be chicken in the Weber or glazed regional ham and basted roast duck, linking us to our European roots.

Traditional food has an important place in our modern eating.  It is a delicious history lesson. Historically significant food tells of traditions and values from another time. Special occasion food embodies a sense of occasion and celebrates the ingenuity of the human spirit as it binds us to the land.

Time-honoured recipes have evolved from the ingredients available, local food.  Sharing and celebrating with food has built communities and described cultures. Recipes lovingly handed down from one generation to the next cradle families and tell of their time in history. 

All the ingredients are at our Market for you to evoke your sense of occasion, your family recipes and create your own new traditions. Whether it be a platter of scallops and a loaf of sour dough followed by a bowl of cherries, or traditional cooked feasts with mince pies, the essence of Christmas is at the Market.

I am remembering my Grandma’s Christmas cooking this year and investing in my own family's traditions - celebrating the food that is grown near me.
Merry Christmas and a sustainable new year
Visit South Australia's largest farmers market, Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. 


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