Spring at Adelaide Showground Farmers Market as seen in the monthly Digest newsletter

Stone fruit has started. Speak to Bill about what is in and what is on the way

Seasonality with CEO Amanda Daniel

True South Australian spring is here.

Buying local pristine produce with a minimum of cooking is the secret to a glamorous carefree diet. In spring creamy cheeses are creamier as the grasses are richer and more nourishing. Fresh peas and broad beans are sweet and sought after in their short season. Apricots and white peaches, cherries and strawberries are on their way as the sun shines and the weather warms up. Local wild scallops and sustainably farmed mussels will be in great demand as everyone gears up for summer entertaining. Award-winning prosciutto made from black pigs makes putting simple platters together too easy.

We eat according to the seasons as our lives keep in touch with our environment. Eating seasonal, local food fosters traditions and rituals, building communities. This Market tells the story of the season and connects us to the land as the soil and climate provide for us. Our local farmers bring produce from regional South Australia, providing a geographic profile of nutrition and local culture.

Our passion for local, seasonal food, and supporting primary industry was the topic of conversation at the Festival of Ideas this year. As the global population brims over 7 billion, the importance of sustainable farming, land use and food policy is being realised. Growth in this century is being defined by sustainability. Adelaide Showground Farmers Market is increasingly relevant, granting a lifestyle choice for shoppers, farmers and small producers.

Farm Gate magazine is being launched here on Sunday 20th November by co-author, Dianne Mattsson, who is The Advertiser’s food writer. This beautiful, affordable publication is a guide to seasonal South Australian farmers’ produce. This glossy magazine will be released annually, to keep it relevant and is available at the Information tent at the Market. That is one Christmas present idea - add one ASFM membership and you’re done!

See you there ... at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market


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