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My chef lunch for 1 . Lamb kidney with ginger fennel and beetroot salad.

Blogs for me are about sharing the perspective of an individual
One persons perspective can shed light on many a shadowed fact. Its all about how you look a things, what information you have taken in and assimilated into knowledge. I like to take in as many perspectives as possible and somehow manage to stay opinionated, empathetically opinionated that is. If you can relate to one persons experience you can be both challenged and enlightened... Enough of the soap box.

My lunch today inspired me to share my love of cooking and eating offal. Love it or hate it, it is for a fact the most nutritious part of the animal. The part that usually gets disguised into other products or finds its way into pet food. Mention Offal to any Chef worth his salt, in my humble opinion and they will literally drool into  gory details of the last offal dish they created. The mere suggestion of slow cooked connective tissue excites Chefs into a frenzy of carcass breakdowns, wine reductions, long stories about acquiring local pigs noses and how to brioche crumb pigs ears.

Recently diagnosed with a protein malabsorption issue I have taken to my passion of cooking offal with a vengeance. My lunch of  organic lambs kidneys where sweet savoury tender, seared in a pan with fennel bulb and slices of fresh ginger.  Ginger root tang cut the richness, fennel added a textured liquorish accent. An  alkalising grated beetroot, celery, pear  salad with organic apple cider vinegar dressing took the relish role in this one plate act.

I left the plate with blood like beetroot stains and filled my deficient blood with a very large percentage of bioavailable iron and protein. Apple cider vinegar gave my insides the acid boost to aid the breakdown of the protein. My meal is and was my medicine.

Offal :  the organs of the animal, usually do all the filtering of what the animal consumes, so buy organic offal. Non-organic offal will carry all the chemicals and toxins the animal ingests into you.

Maybe offal is not you're thing, maybe you could entertain slipping it in surreptitiously to your stews and braises. The nutrition is of the highest value and the cost is nominal. Feel better about the fact that you are doing your part in eating the whole animal.  It is Easter so I can say, somewhat sassily that the animal died for us, it is an honour and some would say an obligation to consume every part of our fellow animals.
When I say "maybe" and "some would say" I am being polite.

Not looking to win any prizes with this blog, I am hoping to inspire a few more offal cooks.


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