Broad Beans SEPTEMBER as referenced in Adelaide Magazine ..

not a broad bean! ... BUT so cool for the garden.
keep bugs away - turn the soil - add back to the dirt
Chicken up for spring 


Spring is defined by the appearance of broad beans. Their short season makes it an anticipated one. A meaty nutritional dense bean it is brilliant on its own or as feature ingredient. Think of pairing broad beans with spring seasons extra creamy local cheeses, poached eggs, salads w mint, slow cooked with artichokes & as a fulfilling accompaniment to pink lamb, poached chicken & grilled fish.
Always buy as least twice as much as you think you need because you loose more than half the weight when you discard the outer husk. I love them with the outer shell on the bean, but many prefer a more gourmet finish attained by “double peeling”.
Twice peeled they are greener & creamier.

Double peeled Broad bean, pear & fennel salad w mint:
Double Peeling: Take the beans out of the outer husk, great job for the kids, then plunge the beans into boiling salted water for seconds, quickly drain the bean & get them into iced water. Pierce the skin of the bean & pinch it out of its skin.
Toss these though some very fine shaved fennel bulb, shaved pear, seas salt, pepper lemon juice, extra virgin oil & handfuls of fresh picked mint leaves. A Perfect salad entrée.

Braised whole broad beans w leek & thyme:
Truly satisfying a warm brothy dish with substance, sweat some sliced leeks, shallots, fresh thyme, salt & ground white pepper in organic butter, when translucent add a cup of light chicken or veggie stock, bring to boil & add the podded beans with their second skin intact. Turn to a simmer; cook till bean is just cooked in side. Check seasoning and finish with cream or shaved Parmesan. Fantastic Folded through your favourite pasta. 

Broad bean & spring creamy cheese on toast:
 A brunch dish in minutes, toast some organic sourdough bread in butter in a pan till golden. Toss handfuls of double peeled broad beans in sea salt, fresh pepper, extra virgin oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley and pour over scoops of fresh goats or cows curd piled high on the toast. You can always add some sizzling crispy
Bacon to this combo.

Broad beans & asparagus w poached egg:
Greens and eggs make for classic quick nourishing meals, weeknight wonders that double as first courses. Double peel your broad beans, wash & snap your asparagus. Through the asparagus in to a heavy base pan with a organic butter, seas salt & pepper, cook gently till near tender, add fresh thyme, parsley & broad beans, check seasoning, pour into bowls & top with a perfectly poached local egg. A grind of pepper & some toasty soldiers on the side.


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