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Hello  - I have been busy building the super ME . The one that wears the under wear on the out side  the one that can handle any thing  because  she is basically happy — inside where it counts !

Anyway: "A follower" ... always wanted to say that by the way , asked how to go all organic because he was moving house ? New house  — new start.

I don't see going organic being scary my self, but some find it so?
Is it the too healthy employees that look like they need a good feed?
The bad packaging that defies gourmet taste buds by tying to look 70s ish?
The continuos choice of a cardboard colour?
The bins of things that you are supposed to know what to do with?
Or is it the lay out  —  hippy scatter brain store lay outs.

Well, health food — whole food stores don't all look like that any more — although some clutch to a socks in sandals decor!
Packaging is becoming main stream. Taste & colour are being focused on.
Organic is becoming more every day, we need it to be main stream, sold in the burbs, petrol stations, Schools and Hospitals.
How else is everyone going to vote with dollars for change?

"Real votes — real people  — every day choices "

Like anything in life   - You have to through yourself in there, into something new. Start  with your usual shopping list, minus the brand names and fill that trolley.

Or get to your farmers market!

Tips to going organic :

My best tip is :

Don't fear healthy looking organic stores — even the ones with stereotype smiley happy people in them & little to thin weedy looking ones.

The easiest way to start to go all organic is  — as you go — that means as you  run out of items in your fridge & pantry  — pastas — butter — herbs... Etc ... buy organic next time .
In no time you will have a fully stocked organic house-hold .
Introduced your self — your wallet — your shopping habits to an all organic experience…
In season fresh produce is usually the best price as it is in glut-ripe and meant o be eaten in your part of the world at that time.

If you can get yourself to a Farmers Market - even better .

Take shopping bags …

Get there early — cause they run out of the good stuff.

Take a list of what you need 
Take a hike around the whole market & see whats there — what looks good — it is what is in season and is to be the inspiration for your week of cooking.

Then start your shop 

Ask the growers if they are organic — some small growers cannot afford the accreditation .
Ask them how they grow their produce — where it comes from. 

Always start with the fresh greens — they usually run out — well where I came from they do.
Then the meats — then the cheese — leave sweet treats till last -  I am suggesting you don't need them .
Well, I don't eat them — thats what I am really saying.
But there is organic chocolate  fair trade — sugar — and raw honey ... it does wonders.

I could go on … and should blog this ...

So hope this helps ...…

P.S great decision by the way ..


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