Pig labelling



Miss 15 kg Black Pig:From a small regional producer, killed in a local abattoir.

Given a salt, sugar brine bath, dried off, wrapped in white towel placed on the lap of a guest in the back seat of the car, she was petted to the kitchen. Then she was massaged with salt cinnamon, sage and a bit of fresh pepper and olive oil.

Her insides were stuffed with fresh wet sage, her joints were broken, she was set kneeling in a wood fired oven. For the next three hours water was splashed on her back creating steam. The last half hour she was glazed with cinnamon, sweet wine – caramelising her even toffee tan. Her meat steamed to confit falling off the bone under the crisp skin.  Water stopped her skin splitting and kept the meat moist. The leg meat was just pink on the bone. She rested for an hour before she was cut into sections head and all.

When I picked up my pig I knew where it came from, who grew it and what it ate. When we buy pork and it is labelled Free Range we want to know what that means. Help out our friends at the Humane Society International by completing this extremely quick survey:



MARCH 2014

Our surveys have been very effective in helping us establish what consumers expect when buying free range eggs.
Our new NATIONAL PORK SURVEY includes questions relating to free range pork which will be extremely helpful in our campaign to bring clarity to this market.  The results will be shared with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to help them better understand consumer expectations for free range pork production.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey


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