Can you live on ethics, can you live without them?”

Philosophy = food for the brian.
We are what we think we are eating.
We think what we eat.

I will be at the @Adelaide show Grounds Farmers Market tomorrow: putting together a dish made with Grass Fed Beef. Give me a wave when you walk past the kitchen.
I will be talking about Grass Fed as opposed to not grass fed, I hope to get one of the Farmers on the microphone to, if they are not to busy.

For some mental meat I am sharing some of my thought processes with you all.

Food ethics: evolved ways to think about food?
Believing if we change the way we think about food we will affect greater change!
Why ethics — food consciousness is important?
An evolved society learns from it mistakes and its successes, how long will it take for us to learn that we need to consider the food we eat is important to us. Science has had causations that have not always been healthy. Economic ideals can be a socially constructed. Farmers Markets are working economic models of responsible policy. Economic reactions have to be implemented with long-term social vision. Economic rationalism is  not reason alone; social justice is tied inherently to the food we eat, therefore the planet. 

Napoleon understood that Armies marched on their stomaches. Nations run on their stomaches too.

How do we evolve this collective consciousness that can reason — along with personal responsibility  — as our culture changes so rapidly to a global commodity based religion? Will we value heath as a commodity? Have we  become a truly global community, in every sense of the word? How are we to  evolve to the next stage of civilisation?  


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