Adelaide Show Grounds Farmers Market: LIVE Cooking Show with The Farmers Chef

Because letting people down is never fun, and the ones you love usually put up with the worst of you, I mean ME, I get back to my blog. Promising to keep it up, besides, I really have an awful lot to say!

Paris is a long way a way, in distance but not in my mind, like yesterday. I can feel the buzz of the Bastille market. It is the buzz of the markets that I love; it energises me; I have no energy when I get home.
I am home now where the dogs are not in baskets any more & the chickens are plucked & the rabbits are underdressed. Starting officially today as the MC for the cooking demonstrations at the Farmers Market I am quite comfortable hosting chefs, informing the public, writing black boards however is not my forte. Please feel free to come up and correct any spelling.
It is fantastic to be home as much as I loved being in Paris. Now I can truly appreciate this life style that is so available to every one. Every One who knows?
My book is coming along and it is about exactly that, How 2 B Ethical or as it should probably be called
 “ In my Humble opinion!” which do you think will get the message across better?
I am going to be posting sneak peak sections of my book. Feel free to comment, share or argue.  A great argument is always constructive.  If it’s a not so great an argument keep it to yourself. Wonderful thing about blogs is you can say anything you like!
I like  … A lot!

Wild Scallops where at the market today … me being Miss Ethical had to wonder about this, ethically speaking? Being wild they are not farmed … GOOD! Licences are very limited…… Good. But who keeps track of how many are coming out of the ocean? All the same they where a big hit today; onlookers where enthralled.  Paul took to the kitchen and gave a brief, informative lesson on how to clean & prepare.
Paul spends up to 6 hours under water hunting for the scallops, then he turns up at Willunga Market & the Adelaide Showground farmers market to clean, cook & sell them. You can talk to the Scallop Hunter for the next few Sundays.

So Turn off the Television & get to the Adelaide Show Grounds Farmers Market for the LIVE Cooking Show from your local Chefs & Producers with the Farmers Chef, that would be me. Then get in your own kitchen where you are the star.


  1. Wouldn't farmed fish possibly be better, if the fish are fed and raised properly, according to some ethical standard? What would a "standard" like this entail?


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