Bastille Market

SUNDAY:  Bastille Market day, an enormous market with horse meat, pigs feet, emergency under wear, wine  and  everything in between. Bustling with local Parisienne shoppers, I did not see many other cameras; I do like to keep my camera discrete to keeping the focus on the food. Getting close to the coldest part of winter; the best time to visit Paris, less tourists, less camera competition. I like to live like a local; all I need is a little dog in a basket. So many amazing shots, I have decided to do a Paris food picture book. Winter is the seasons colour, orange all over the market. Splayed roasted spatchcocks smell tempting, flat breads are smeared with humus, hills of sauerkraut are crowned with poached sausage, it’s a foodie dream. Dinner that night was some chicken that actually tasted like chicken with pan-fried big green olives and sour dough bread tinged with cinnamon and tarragon vinegar, tossed with endive. Accompanied by seasonal Swedes (rutabaga ) and braised white beans .


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