2 B Ethical Food: 2 Eat

Introducing 2 B Ethical Food : 2 Eat - Organic Spelt Leaves.
An unleavened flat bread. Ideally suited to accompanying cheese & dipping. 
Developed by Amanda Daniel, chef, restaurateur, food writer & ethical hospitality consultant. Add official health nut of the non-drinking variety, but still fun enough to ask to any party. 

Years of high stress, a diet of tasting menus and hospitality-career-obliged wine consumption left her less than well. Organic spelt was a life-saver. 

Irritated - there was so little alternative to wheat when it came to finding a cracker for her favourite addiction, cheese. Wanting for a healthy option that would take its rightful place unashamedly on any restaurant cheese platter. She developed these spelt leaves. 

Tested its consumer-ability at the Barossa and Adelaide Farmers’ Markets. Currently retailing in various stores in South Australia.

Labels are designed to fit a gourmet health niche. Cost is equivalent.

Crisp, sightly grainy like those elegant biscuits in England -  land of biscuits. 
Nutty & toasty in flavour, adding a healthy glow to any platter.
It is protein rich, guilt-free, actually good for you & your family & your friends. Ethical minimal package. Ingredients are sought from like-minded
 best practice small producers. Made in regional Australia to provide jobs out of the city. 
To get this long-term commitment to the shelf Amanda joined forces with Anne Duncan, a like-minded foodie. Francophile, ethical lawyer, driven by all things that are lusty & taste amazing. Anne’s academic zeal & legal skill balance Amanda’s creative nature. A perfect partnership that guarantees artisanal , individual food, and the wherewithal to meet all contractual ideals of demand. 
This flat bread provides a choice for those who can not digest genetically modified white flour, who want to make their dollar vote count towards a better environment . People who appreciate real flavour & texture. People who know health food does not have to be gluey, cardboard & grey. People who want to lead healthy lifestyles. 
Long-term brand development - 9 ‘lifestyle-enhancing’ products developed under the brand.    
2 b ethical.com.....  Supplies distributor details and Amanda’s food writing. 

It’s about health with both style & conscience. 
“Conscious consumerism”
Thank you for your care & time.

Amanda Daniel    m:  AUSTRALIA   (61) 0417 844 702

Anne Duncan    m: (61) 0414 660 529


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