hand picked eggs

6 egg omelet with manchego and rye walnut bread 

Strolling through the food hall, we found "eggs for today" You can select the eggs you like the look of.
These are the eggs for cooking today; perfect for poaching. Taking heed, thinking of the euros I wold save, I went back to the apartment to make an omelet; omelettes appear on many of the little menus for lunch.

Not your traditional thin omelet, I whisked up all 6 eggs to feed the 3 of us. Poured them from a height into hot oil, scraped the cooked egg to the centre and rolled in the scrapings of manchego my mum bought. I did say it was not French cheese, she replied with "but I like it". I try, I really do, but people take guiding and  talking to and sometimes dragging into seasonality and regionality. Sometimes when you are sounded by family you just have to give in to keep the peace. So Manchego and big soft parsley, gave pointed palate notes to my omelet, dark rye walnut bread went along for the ride. I got rid of the manchego!

Dinner : I loved going to the French butcher, so fabulous, feathery heads on birds, gentlemen cleaning, cutting meat for you as you would like it. No cryovaced packs of pasty pinkness on a meat nappy. Cuts are labeled as to where they come from. I chose three large chicken legs dark in complexion, dry of skin...... and I will let you know about them tomorrow ...


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