For Christmas
For Starters

......... where you want to be with your family & friends - NOT trapped in a hot kitchen over a stove .....

I like to start a meal with light fresh , clean flavors that make people happy .

Evoke their senses , with fragrance , food that makes people happy to eat more as it is actually good for them .

Cooking for people you love , you want to take care of them.

This is a starter i have made for a very famous wine makers Christmas lunch ... where it was paired with a beautiful pink Rose that had a sense of aged strawberry & and depth of tannins balanced the must like fruit.

For the best starter get to your local Farmers Market ..
to make this beautiful , fresh , fragrant enlivening summery starter....

Watermelon & Goats cheese , Mint & Olive with Sourdough crouton


Select amounts in proportion to how many people you want to feed - 2 or 100?

Water mellon
Local goats cheese ( cherve Ash coated is best )
Local big black olives , a lime or 2
A bunch of fresh mint .
And some new season local extra virgin olive oil.
Fresh grind black pepper
Macrobiotic sea salt.
A loaf of Organic Sourdough

Select a large platter dependent on how many guests you have .

Cut chunks of pick up-able pieces of water melon - with skin on . It makes it easier for picking up.
Scatter pieces on a the platter.
Sprinkle lightly with macrobiotic salt.
Cut chinks of goats cheese and scatter amongst the watermelon.
Sprinkle olives
Slice the lime thin & scatter them over the dish
Throw mint leaves over the whole dish
Grind pepper over every thing
Drizzle with a little olive oil
And finish with a sprinkle of sumac

Serve with a stack of toasted organic sour dough bread & a knife and a napkin !!

A bottle of lush Rose ....

And a merry christmas to you all ..


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