At the Adelaide Show Grounds Farmers Market there where stacks of antioxidant greens, bitter & leafy.
It amazing mother nature knows just what we need & when , but who listens to their mother right.. Well eventually , as we get older & presumably smarter , or just more mortal we realize that mum was right. Never will we let her know. Maybe in a weak moment... Ours , not theirs. 
I was a horrid child, you can tell!
The point , yes greens brilliant , so i cooked a devastating amount of the stuff to show how simple, how easy , how much you did not need meat, cheese & starch to put together a meal..... Just an idea mind you. 
Please add regional organic dairy, beef, bacon or eggs if desired. 


Will keep the Doctor away , unless he is cute.... 
So simple 
Go to market now, get in season gear .

Slice pears toss in macrobiotic sea salt
Take skin & pith off grapefruit slice toss in..... and let the juice go  in too...
slice a fennel bulb throw over shoulder..
slice a bunch of radishes.. 
slice an orange thin
sprinkle some fennel top..... grind some fresh pepper...
those using powdered will be shot..
toss together 
a spoon of honey ....XX
a splash of good olive oil
let sit for as long as you can stand it ....... SO done!
good the next day ...
 One whole Cauliflower 
Spike the core a couple of times in the centre, from underneath, so it cooks more evenly.
Steamed in an inch or 2 of drinkable water with a sprig or so of parsley, pinch of macro biotic sea salt.
It looks like steaming white brain when drawn from the pot.

While its steaming :
Wash the salt off a good handful slated cappers.
Chop them with 3 cloves of local garlic.
Then chop in to that bundle a bunch of flat leaf parsley.
Chop , mix together.
Place in a bowl .
add a grind of fresh white pepper.
Add good Extra Virgin Oil to bring together. 
Let stand, so flavors amalgamate.

Then pour over your hot , steaming cauliflower..... Let marinate.
Serve hot or cold, as antipasto or veg accompaniment.
Fab with a shave of parmesan...


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